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What causes the functional problems of silicone rubber seals?

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What causes the functional problems of silicone rubber seals?

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Today's technology, now many products seal protection technology in the actual process still has some shortcomings, such as our phone waterproof seal, automobile lamps and lanterns of waterproof sealing ring, etc., and seal material selection silicone and rubber material is one of our common material, so the silicone seal as the use of various kind of seal, seal products in the process of normal use will often appear some unexpected features short of practical problems, to show out the effect of the product, so what are the significant factors that affect it exactly?

Hard and soft degree of influence

Many times according to the different softness of the silicone products can be fully functional and structural changing product, so the silicone seal in use process due to choose different hard softness after loading, stretching, the emergence of the phenomenon such as extrusion, sealing ring can appear some inevitable problems, such as extrusion aperture, too much stress, hardness is too high, the product no springback deformation factors and so on.

Gap problem

Gap problem can be divided into several factors, because the material of the rubber problem, a lot of silicone material appeared due to the formula back stretch is poor, the problem of insufficient tensile force will cause in the process of using the strength is not big gap lead to leakage, silicone ring manufacturer processing problems, such as product make the rip products edge thickness of thin easy to appear this kind of problem, make soft products results in a bulge in the rubber is not ripe, after long-term tensile compressive deformation and crack problems.

The stress process

O silica gel circles generally installed in several places, groove, plane, convex groove, the stress of the each product installation way it process will also affect the service life of the product and function, so in order to ensure the sealing performance of the deposit will be made to reserve position, degree of different methods and stress distribution of the silicon rubber sealing ring, such as plane installation can be affected by how much more in the deployment of its close degree, concave and convex action force degree is how much, when choosing the size of the reserve.

Compression permanence

Another index to evaluate the sealing performance of 0 - ring is the compression permanent intersection of selected materials. Under the action of pressure, the 0-ring, as an elastic element, produces elastic deformation, and permanent plastic deformation occurs with the increase of pressure. Usually, to prevent permanent deformation, allow maximum compression 0 rings in static seal is about 30%, about 20% in the dynamic seal. The silicone seal ring is stretched or compressed as it is placed inside the groove. If the value of stretching and compression is too large, the section of the 0-ring will be excessively increased or decreased, because the diameter of the section will be reduced by about 0.5% by stretching l%. For hole with seal, 0 ring in the tensile state, allow the tensile force is 6%, for shaft seal, best sha-lu 0 shape along its circumference direction compression, compression allows circumference was 3%.

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