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The environmental protection of silicone seal ring!

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The environmental protection of silicone seal ring!

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Due to its environmental protection, and a wide range of temperature, can be used in the temperature range of -60 degrees to +200 degrees for a long time, so the use of more and more widely, such as lunch boxes, cups, electric rice cookers, water dispensers, insulation boxes, insulation boxes, ovens, coffee POTS and other daily products in the waterproof seal. Silicone ring manufacturers take you to know more!

Silicone sealing ring cold resistance, ordinary rubber is generally - 20℃ - 30℃, and silicone sealing ring is in - 50℃ - 60℃ still has a good elasticity, some special low-temperature silicone can also withstand low temperature.

Silica gel is widely used in making all kinds of seals because of its environmental performance.

High wear resistance, automatic elastic compensation function in the worn parts of the working sealing ring surface, thus increasing the service life of seals.

It has good self-moistening performance, so it can be safely used in some seals that cannot be lubricated.

Easy to install because its construction is simpler than other types of seals.

In modern household life, all kinds of household appliances and articles of daily use have the appearance of silica gel sealing ring, such as: crisper, electric rice cooker, drinking machine, lunch box, heat preservation box, heat preservation box, water cup, oven, magnetizing cup, coffee pot, etc.

Silicone seals have better heat resistance than ordinary rubber. After the test, it can be used almost forever in the high temperature environment of 150℃ without any performance change, and can be used continuously for 10000 hours in the environment of 200℃. Therefore, it is widely used in electrical equipment with extremely high temperature environment requirements.

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Silicone seal ring

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