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Compared with other materials, silicone rubber seal ring six advantages

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Compared with other materials, silicone rubber seal ring six advantages

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Due to its special properties, wide temperature range, excellent chemical properties, silicone rubber is a special fluoro rubber. Therefore, silicone rubber is also widely used in the production of various seals, to meet our mechanical production and various requirements of sealing life.

So compared with other materials of sealing ring, silicone rubber sealing ring has what advantages?

1. Wide temperature range

1. Heat resistance: much better than ordinary rubber heat resistance, can be heated at high temperature, deformation, no harmful substances. It can be used at about 150℃ without any performance change. It can be used continuously for 10,000 hours at 200℃ or for a period of time at 350℃. Widely used for heating applications, such as: hot water bottle seal.

2. Cold resistance: ordinary rubber is -20℃ ~ -30℃ in the later stage, while silicone rubber is still good flexibility at -60℃ ~ -70℃. Some special formulations of silicone rubber can withstand low temperature, such as: low temperature seal, * low up to -100℃.

Second, good insulation performance

Silicone rubber also has excellent electrical insulation properties, and in the corona resistance (resistance to degradation) and resistance to arc (resistance to high voltage arc degradation) is very good.

Three, has the hygroscopicity

Silicone rubber seal ring surface energy is low, water absorption, play a role in isolation.

Four, good weather resistance

Weather resistance refers to a series of aging phenomena, such as fading, discoloration, cracking, powdering and intensity decline, caused by direct sunlight, temperature change, wind and rain and other external conditions. Ultraviolet radiation is a major cause of aging. Silicone rubber si-o-si bond oxygen, ozone and ultraviolet radiation are very stable, and have excellent resistance to ozone and oxide erosion. Without any additives, even long-term outdoor use will not crack, it has excellent weather resistance. It is generally believed that silicone rubber seals can be used outdoors for up to 20 years.

V. material safety and environmental protection

Silicone rubber has its unique physiological inertia, non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, good preservation effect, and by the impact of the external environment is small, long-term use with yellow, do not fade.

Highly permeable and selective gas passage

Due to the silicone molecular structure of silicone rubber seal ring has good air permeability and good gas selectivity, room temperature silicone rubber air permeability to air, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases 30-50 times higher than natural rubber.

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