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Shenyang guide rubber products co. LTD

Contact: manager xu

Telephone: 13386893005

Website: en.sygdxj.com

Address: no.5 hongbin road, yuhong district, shenyang

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The company's main strengths

Professional engineering and technical personnel

The company has senior engineers enjoying subsidies from the state council, and the leading professional engineering and technical team has accumulated more than 40 years of formula experience for military services. It can conduct on-site mapping and audit formula and provide qualified products according to the working conditions, process, temperature and other requirements of the enterprise, so as to meet the production needs of the enterprise

Two. Advanced, complete inspection means

The company has advanced rubber products test, testing equipment, products from raw materials, semi-finished products, finished products, the whole process of testing, to prevent defective products.

Advanced production equipment

The company has advanced automatic vulcanizing machine, from the vulcanizing time of products, pressure and temperature, exhaust times, time interval for microcomputer control, eliminate the impact of human factors on product quality, ensure the production of products without deviation process.

Iv. Advanced quality management system

The company carries out quality system management according to GB/ t19001-2008 standard.

Perfect after-sales service

The company promises three guarantees of product service, if there are quality problems, arrive at the site within 48 hours to solve the problem, can provide professional technical advice and technical support, clear customer worries.

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Telephone: 13386893005

Website: en.sygdxj.com

Address: no.5 hongbin road, yuhong district, shenyang


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