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The silicone ring is a good thing

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The silicone ring is a good thing

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Silica gel is widely used in making all kinds of seals because of its environmental performance.

Physical properties:

1. Good elasticity, tear resistance and resistance to neutral solvent;

2. Heat resistance: silicone rubber has much better heat resistance than ordinary rubber;

3. Cold resistance: the delay of ordinary rubber is -- 20° -- 30°, that is, silicone rubber still has good elasticity at -- 60° -- 70°. Some special formulas of silicone rubber can also withstand very low temperature, such as: low temperature sealing ring;

4. Excellent resistance to ozone and oxide erosion;

5.Good insulation, heat insulation and heat dissipation performance.

Performance of silicone seal ring:

1. High wear resistance, automatic elastic compensation function in the worn parts of the working sealing ring surface, thus increasing the service life of seals.

2. With good self-moistening performance, it can be safely used in some seals that cannot be lubricated.

3. Simple and convenient installation, because its construction is relatively simple compared with other types of seals.

4. It has good tensile and compressibility, which enables it to adapt to more working situations.

5. High temperature resistance is another good performance, as high temperatures are often required in some working conditions.

Application fields of silica gel sealing ring:

1. Various mobile phone protective cases, protective film, dust plug, USB cover, etc.

2. Conductive keys, some insulation materials and conductive gaskets can be recognized on the remote control of each electrical appliance in the home; All kinds of sealing strip, sealing ring; Electrical socket and all kinds of flame retardant products.

3. Various kitchen utensils (silica gel spatula, egg beater, etc.); Non-slip, heat-resistant gloves; Coasters, thermal insulation; The ashtray. Silica gel table cloth, silica gel non-slip pad, massage pad are involved in other fields.

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