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Silicone rubber sealing ring can be made into different types of special products

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Silicone rubber sealing ring can be made into different types of special products

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In today's food processing, automotive, medical and construction industries, silicone rubber seals are used for a reason! Silicone rubber has many inherent properties that make it ideal for many USES in these and other markets. Many custom silicone rubber products are made for applications requiring heat resistance, chemical resistance, low toxicity, engine and transmission oils, etc. For example, the unmarked low toxicity of silicone rubber seals makes them ideal for food-grade gaskets. Each unique application contains its own requirements, limitations, and specifications, regardless of the level of requirements. The cost of manufacturing silicone rubber seals is a variable factor and unique to each industry that USES the product. In our highly developed economies, all industries will need a soft rubber seal or gasket. Silicone rubber is an ideal material to meet this demand.

Laminar silicone is used to make all kinds of seals and gaskets needed in the food industry. Elastomer is very suitable for this use because it has very low toxicity and odor, is an unlabeled material, soft enough to be processed into a variety of customized silicone products, and can withstand a variety of temperatures.

In addition to food-related USES, custom silicone products are widely used in the automotive industry for engines, transmissions and other applications, such as sealants for airbags. In medical and scientific fields, silicone gasket products are also used in various devices. It is very useful for the industry because it leaves no traces on other surfaces and is very low toxic. In fact, the food industry and the medical community have many overlapping and similar requirements for seals and gaskets.

Silicone rubber ring can be made into many different types of special products, including:

1. Solid silicone rubber: designed by water jet cutting or die cutting. Normally used on metal or rigid enclosures requiring high sealing forces, this product will be used with the appropriate bolt pattern to ensure that the gasket is properly and firmly compressed. These are ideal for water seal and immersion applications. Therefore, they are very suitable for use as food grade gaskets. Solid silicone rubber is available in a wide variety of specifications and widths, and can be manufactured in a variety of sizes.

2. Open battery: compared with solid rubber products, these products are porous and soft. The open structure of the sponge makes it a good choice for environmental sealing because it performs well in a wide temperature range and is resistant to ultraviolet light. Silicone gaskets of this type are ideal for use as soft rubber seals when low closing forces are required.

3. Obturator: although these are closely related to openings, the main difference between them is the smoother surface that can be obtained from manufacturing parts. Closed-cell silica gel products are more popular and easier to obtain.

4. Injection molding gaskets: heavy-duty flushing or immersion applications may require molded seals with circular, three-dimensional, or custom cross sections. Molding allows the manufacture of 3d custom silicone products without compromising their integrity.

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