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Silicone rubber is mainly used for static sealing solutions

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Silicone rubber is mainly used for static sealing solutions

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A silicone rubber seal ring used to connect or seal two systems or mechanisms together is an annular component designed to prevent or limit liquid leakage in the device. The various seals used in various applications have continuously moving devices, such as rotating or reciprocating shafts and cylinders, which form an important part of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, including the seals used in car Windows. Silicone rubber seal ring, is made of natural rubber and synthetic rubber seals.

There are many different USES of silicone rubber seals in the industry. The industries that use these silicone rubber seals include:

Medical and pharmaceutical, waste treatment, aerospace, Marine, food, chemical, automotive, military, pulp and paper mills and other fields.

Applications include pumps and valves, mechanical seals, hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, filters, actuators, motors, engines, lubrication systems, etc.

Silicone rubber has many functional properties. Methyl vinyl silicone rubber (MVQ) has a very flexible temperature tolerance level, suitable for low and high temperatures. This explains why the recommended application levels are between -70°C and 275°C (-94°F and 527°F).

In addition, silicone rubber is physiologically inert, which means it retains its shape and size. This specific capability can be marked by the material properties of silicone rubber. The mechanical properties are less than ideal, which explains why silicone rubber is mainly used in static sealing solutions. The industries that commonly use this particular type of rubber are heating and ventilation, pharmaceutical and medical industries. Silicon rubber hoses, profiles, covers and seals that meet high quality standards are commonly used in hospitals and other pharmaceutical organizations.

In addition to withstanding extreme temperatures, silicone rubber is also well protected against ultraviolet radiation, ozone, and other environmental degradation, such as molds and fungi. In addition, its hardness ranges from 30 to 80. The type of silicone rubber depends in particular on its application. The possibilities for heat-resistant silicone rubber or fluorosilicone rubber are endless.

Common silicone rubber products include:

Silicone rubber ring

Silicone rubber seal ring

Silicon rubber washer

Silicone hose

Silicone rubber sleeve

Silicone rubber fireproof sleeves

Silicon rubber profile

Silica gel seal ring wholesale

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