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We have more than 8000 different sizes of silicone rubber o ring for your choice

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We have more than 8000 different sizes of silicone rubber o ring for your choice

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We supply all the o-ring stocks needed in the sealing industry, including all standard AS568 and ISO 3601 sizes, as well as the following:

ID:.029 in. (0.74 mm) to 26.0 in. (658.88 mm)

CS:.040 in (1.02 mm) to.275 in (6.99 mm)

In addition to standard inch and metric sizes, we also provide a variety of non-standard sizes of silicone rubber seals. With over 8,000 different sizes of o-rings, we can supply the products you are looking for, and we can ensure immediate delivery of large or small size products of any size.

Standard o-ring material applications

We provide the following six standard rubber materials, hardness range (xiao A) hardness can meet almost any use conditions:

Fluorocarbons have excellent chemical resistance, oil resistance, extreme temperature (-13°F to + 446°F), low compression deformation, low permeability and excellent aging characteristics. Applications include: aircraft engines, automotive fuel handling systems, and chemical processing industries. FKM is also suitable for high vacuum applications. Contact with ketones, bases and liquids is not recommended. Custom compounds have improved chemistry and low temperature resistance.

Nitrile/nitrile rubber: nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) is a widely used elastomer due to its excellent performance against petroleum products, operating temperature range (-40°F to + 257°F), and is one of the most cost-effective products. It is ideal for aerospace, automotive, propane and natural gas applications. Special hydrogenated nitrile (HNBR) compounds increase resistance to direct ozone, sunlight and weather exposure while increasing the temperature range to + 300°F.

Ethylene - propylene/epdm rubber: epdm rubber has excellent heat resistance, water resistance, steam resistance, alkali resistance, weak acid and oxygen solvent, ozone and sunlight (-40? F to + 275? F); It is not recommended for use in gasoline, oil and grease and hydrocarbon environments. This popular rubber compound is often used in low torque belt applications.

Fluorosiloxane/FVMQ: fluorosiloxane (-75? To + 400? F) combines the high temperature and low temperature stability of organic silicon with the fuel, oil and solvent resistance of fluorocarbon compounds. Unparalleled aviation fuel systems, automotive fuel emission control systems, and meet or exceed government, military, aerospace, automotive, industrial and commercial specifications. However, due to their relatively low tear strength, high friction and limited wear resistance, they are not normally used in dynamic applications. They are also not recommended to be exposed to brake fluid, hydrazine or ketone.

Organosilicone: in the organosilicone series, you will find compounds with excellent electrostatic sealing properties at extreme temperatures. The standard compound operates at -85? To + 400? F. Organosilicones are popular in food and medical applications because they are clean and do not produce a smell or taste. Special phenyl silicone can be used at -148°F.

Neoprene (-40? To + 250? F) reasonable price, good resistance to oil, ozone, sunlight and oxygen aging, relatively low compression deformation, good resilience and excellent physical toughness. Due to its resistance to ammonia and freon, it is the sealing material of the refrigeration industry.

If the materials you need meet the following standards, please let us know. UL, MIL, AMS, ASTM, FDA 21 CFR 177.2600, USP VI class or ISO 10993. We have many special compounds to meet your requirements.

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