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Silicone rubber sealing ring material element

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Silicone rubber sealing ring material element

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Fluorine elastomer has excellent flame retardant, sealing, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and climate resistance to aging, usually used in the automotive industry, chemical machinery, aerospace and navigation industries. Fluoroelastomer seals are designed to be used under high vacuum conditions up to 1.33* 10-7pa

No other rubber material can be used for sealing. The main fluoroelastomers in circulation in the market are black, brown, green, white, brown red, yellow and blue and other colors.

Fluororubber is a synthetic polymer elastomer containing fluorine atoms on the carbon atoms of the main or side chains. With the continuous improvement of reliability, safety and other performance requirements of automobile industry, fluoroelastomer has been rapidly expanded in the application scope of automobile. After that, new varieties of tetrafluororubber, perfluoroether rubber and phosphorous fluoride rubber were developed.

These kinds of fluororubber are all based on the needs of aviation, aerospace, navigation and other national defense and military industries as the starting point of silicone rubber, silicone rubber seal ring chemical corrosion resistance gradually promoted to civil industrial sectors.

Whole fluorine rubber is now all elastic sealing material in high temperature resistant, chemical solvent resistance and high cleanness character good rubber material and element, has a high resistance to chemicals and corrosive medium performance, resistance to strong acid, strong alkali, ethers, esters, ketones, nitrogen compounds, hydrocarbon kind, alcohols, aldehydes, oil, steam, corrosion of more than 1600 kinds of chemical products such as amino compounds), high temperature resistant up to 327 ℃, is mainly used in semiconductor, chemical machinery, automobile, petroleum machinery, pharmaceutical industry, electronic products, solvents, the nuclear industry and aerospace equipment and other heat resistant machinery, etc., in the harsh environment, Give full play to its outstanding role.

Perfluoro rubber not only has the excellent performance of high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance like ptfe, but also has the elasticity of rubber, the shrinkage deformation rate is only below 50% at 300℃.

Perfluoro rubber also has excellent sealing and high cleanliness and in vitro resistance, these characteristics make perfluoro rubber is widely used in the semiconductor industry. O-type perfluoro rubber seal ring is mainly used in Marine, aerospace, petroleum machinery and chemical machinery and other fields.

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