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Perfluoro rubber seal ring

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Perfluoro rubber seal ring

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Perfluoro rubber sealing ring manufacturer

Fluoro rubber has excellent physical and mechanical properties. The general strength of type 26 fluororubber is between 10 mpa and 20MPa, the elongation at break is between 150 and 350%, and the tear strength is between 3 and 4KN/m. Type 23 fluororubber has a strength of 15.0~25MPa, a elongation of 200%~600%, and a tear strength of 2~7MPa. Generally speaking, the compression permanent deformation of fluoro rubber at high temperature is large, but if comparing with the same conditions, such as the compression permanent deformation of fluoro rubber at 150℃ for the same time, both butyl and neoprene rubber are larger than type 26 fluoro rubber, and the compression deformation of type 26 fluoro rubber at 200℃×24 hours is equivalent to that of butyl rubber at 150℃×24 hours.


Type 23 fluororubber has better electrical properties and lower hygroscopicity than other elastomers. Type 26 rubber can be used at low frequency and low pressure.

Permeability is small

Fluororubber has a higher solubility to gas, but a lower diffusion rate, so the overall air permeability is also small. It is reported that the air permeability of type 26 fluoro rubber to oxygen, nitrogen, helium and carbon dioxide at 30℃ is equal to that of butyl rubber and butadiene rubber, and better than that of neoprene and natural rubber.

The low temperature performance

Fluororubber's poor performance at low temperature is due to its own chemical structure, such as Tg> of type 23-11, 0℃. The low temperature performance of fluoro rubber is usually expressed by brittleness temperature and compression cold resistance coefficient. The formula of the glue and the shape of the product (such as the thickness) have a great influence on the brittleness temperature. If the amount of filler in the formula increases, the brittleness temperature will deteriorate sensitively, the thickness of the product will increase, and the brittleness blending degree will deteriorate sensitively.

Radiation resistance

The radiation resistance of fluororubber is one of the poor elastomers. Type 26 rubber shows crosslinking effect after radiation, while type 23 rubber shows cracking effect. The properties of model 246 fluororubber changed dramatically at the dose of 5× 107r under normal temperature radiation in the air. Under the condition of 1× 107r, the hardness increased by 1~3 degrees, the strength decreased by less than 20%, and the elongation decreased by 30%~50%. Therefore, it is generally believed that model 246 fluororubber can withstand 1× 107r, and the limit is 5× 107r.

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