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Perfluoro rubber seals

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Perfluoro rubber seals

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Perfluoro rubber seals

Fluororubber seals, used for engine sealing, can work at 200℃~250℃ for a long time, and at 300℃ for a short time, its working life can be the same as engine repair life, up to 1000~5000 flight hours (time 5~10 years); When used in chemical industry, it can seal inorganic acid (such as 67% sulfuric acid at 140℃, concentrated hydrochloric acid at 70℃, 30% nitric acid), organic solvent (such as chlorinated hydrocarbon, benzene, high-aromatic gasoline) and other organic matter (such as butadiene, styrene, propylene, phenol, fatty acid at 275℃, etc.); For deep well production, can withstand 149℃ and 420 atmospheres of harsh working conditions; Used for superheated steam seals, can work in 160~170℃ steam medium for long term. In the production of monocrystalline silicon, fluororubber seals are commonly used to seal the special media at high temperature (300℃) -- silicon trichloride, silicon tetrachloride, gallium arsenide, phosphorus trichloride, trichloroethylene and hydrochloric acid at 120℃.

In high vacuum application, when the flight altitude is 200~300Km, the air pressure is 133×10-6 Pa (10-6mmhg), neoprene, butyl rubber, butyl rubber can be used; When flying at an altitude of more than 643Km, the air pressure will drop below 133× 10-7pa (10-7mmhg), in this high vacuum only fluororubber can be used. Generally, fluororubber of type 26 and type 246 can withstand aging at high temperature of 200℃~250℃ before being used in high vacuum or ultra-high vacuum equipment and system, so it has become the most important rubber material in high vacuum equipment and spacecraft.

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