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Shaped seal ring

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Shaped seal ring

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Shaped seal ring

Special-section rubber seal is a kind of rubber (or clip cloth) sealing ring with other shapes except circular and rectangular sections, which is collectively referred to as special-section seal, such as section Y, V, U, X, D, triangle and T.

Special shape rubber seal is suitable for different USES due to its different structure and characteristics. For example, compared with o-ring, x-ring has 4 circular protrusions on the section, and two contact surfaces with the shaft. Only a small compression force can play a sealing role, and the friction force is small, strong anti-twisting force, not easy to slide; D - ring anti-gnawing and self - sealing; T - ring can prevent sprain, with a retaining ring can resist high - pressure extrusion.

Made of stainless steel wire, without any rubber composition, it has strong usage characteristics. For example: in high vacuum, high and low temperature, strong radiation, and a variety of corrosion environment to maintain normal work. The sealing ring skin is made of different materials, such as stainless steel, copper, teflon, etc., according to different USES. The covered metal rubber component ACTS as the lining core, which has the advantages of high sealing strength, good effect and reusable. Sealing ring liner is made of different wire diameter, density components, suitable for different pressure occasions. The general use range is -80~800℃. This kind of sealing ring is expensive because of its high cost. But good performance, a wide range of use environment, have been recognized by the people.

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