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Epdm O ring

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Epdm O ring

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Epdm O ring

Epdm O ring

Material description: from ethylene and propylene copolymerization into the main chain is not double chain, so heat resistance, aging resistance, ozone resistance, stability are very good, but can not add sulfur sulfur. To solve this problem, EPDM is formed by introducing a small amount of the third component with double chains on EP main chain and adding sulfur. Excellent resistance to polar solvents such as alcohol, ketone, ethylene glycol and phosphate oil. It is a copolymer synthesized from ethylene and propylene. According to the composition of monomer elements in the rubber molecular chain, there are two kinds of epdm and epdm.

Common use: seals for high temperature steam environment. Seals or parts for sanitary equipment. A rubber part of a braking system. Seals in radiator (car tank).

• automobile parts: including tire side and tire side covering strip, etc.

• electrical products: including high, medium and low voltage cable insulation materials, etc.

• industrial products: acid, alkali, ammonia, and oxidant; Various USES of rubber hose, gasket; Heat-resistant conveyor belt and belt, etc.

• construction materials: rubber products for bridge engineering, rubber floor tiles, etc.

• other aspects: rubber boat, swimming air cushion, diving suit, etc. Its service life is longer than other general purpose rubber.

Advantages: good weather resistance and ozone resistance with excellent water resistance and chemical resistance can use alcohol and ketone high temperature vapor resistance, good permeability to gas

• excellent aging resistance, known as "no cracking" rubber

• excellent chemical resistance.

• excellent resistance to water, hot water and steam.

• excellent electrical insulation.

• low density and high fill characteristics.

B c adhesive has good elasticity and resistance to compression deformation.

Disadvantages: not recommended for food use or exposure to aromatic hydrogen

• slow vulcanization, 3-4 times slower than normal synthetic rubber

• no oil resistant

• poor self-viscosity and mutual viscosity, bringing difficulties to the processing process

Operating temperature: the general operating temperature range is -50~150 ℃


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