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Neoprene seals

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Neoprene seals

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Neoprene seals

Material description: from the polymerization of chloroprene monomer. Vulcanized rubber elastic wear resistance, not afraid of direct sunlight, has a particularly good resistance to atmospheric aging performance, not afraid of fierce distortion, not afraid of dichlorodifluoromethane and ammonia refrigerants, resistant to dilute acid, resistant to silicon ester lubricating oil, but not resistant to phosphate ester hydraulic oil. It is easy to crystallize and harden at low temperature, with poor storage stability and large expansion in mineral oil with low aniline point.

Common use: R12 resistant (non - environmental - friendly automotive air - conditioning) refrigerant seals. Rubber parts or seals for household appliances. Suitable for making a variety of direct contact with the atmosphere, sunlight, ozone parts. Suitable for all kinds of fire and chemical corrosion resistant rubber products.

• used for manufacturing rubber pipes, tapes, wire covers, cable sheaths, printing rollers, rubber plates, gaskets and various gaskets, adhesives, etc

• seals resistant to R12 refrigerant.

• suitable for making parts that are exposed to air, sunlight and ozone.

Advantages: good elasticity and good compression deformation. There is no sulfur in the formula, so it is very easy to make the properties of resistant to animal and vegetable oil, which will not be affected by neutral chemicals, esters, fats, various oils and solvents.

Excellent resistance to aging (weather, ozone, heat).

• excellent flame retardancy. It has the characteristics of non-spontaneous combustion.

• excellent oil and solvent resistance.

• good adhesion.

Disadvantages: strong acids, nitrohydrocarbons, esters, chloroforms and ketones are not recommended.

• poor electrical insulation

• poor low temperature performance. Low temperature makes rubber lose elasticity and even break

• poor storage stability. The substance has a strong destructive effect on the ozone layer of the atmosphere, and should also pay attention to the pollution of surface water, soil, atmosphere and drinking water

Operating temperature: the general operating temperature range is -50~150 ℃.

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