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Silicone seal ring


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Silicone rubber O ring

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Silicone rubber O ring

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Silicone rubber O - ring which good

Material description: silica main chain by silicon (-Si-O-Si) combined. Excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance, resistance to large oxygen aging. Poor tensile strength than ordinary rubber and not oil resistance.

Common use: secret parts or rubber parts used in household appliance industry, such as electric kettle, electric iron, rubber parts in microwave oven. Seals or rubber parts in the electronics industry, such as phone keys, shock absorbers in DVDS, seals in cable joints, etc. Contact with the human body on the program supplies seals, such as water bottles, drinking machines, etc.

• in aviation, aerospace, automotive, smelting and other industrial sectors.

• also widely used as medical materials.

• used in military industry, automobile parts, petrochemical industry, medical and health industry and electronic industry, such as molding products, o-ring, gasket, rubber hose, oil seal, static and static seals, sealants, adhesives, etc.

Advantages: tensile strength up to 1500PSL and tear resistance up to 88LBS. Good elasticity and compressibility. Good resistance to neutral solvent. Excellent heat resistance. Excellent cold resistance. Excellent resistance to ozone and oxide erosion. Excellent electrical insulation performance. Heat insulation, heat dissipation performance.

• resistant to both high temperature and cold, can maintain elasticity in the range of -100℃~300℃.

• excellent ozone and weather resistance.

• excellent electrical insulation. The electrical insulation of vulcanized rubber in the case of moisture, water or temperature rise changes little.

• hydrophobic surface characteristics and physiological inertia, harmless to human body

• high permeability, its permeability rate than ordinary rubber 10~100 times.

Disadvantages: not recommended for most concentrated solvents, oils, concentrated acids and diluted sodium hydroxide.

• poor physical and mechanical properties, lower tensile strength, tear strength and wear resistance than natural rubber and other synthetic rubber

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