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Silicone seal ring


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Fluorosilicon rubber O ring

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Fluorosilicon rubber O ring

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Fluorosilicone rubber O - type sealing ring

Silicone rubber sealing ring: both high temperature (up to 300℃), and low temperature (-100℃) is now the best cold, high temperature rubber; Meanwhile, excellent electrical insulation, high stability to thermal oxidation and ozone, and high chemical inertia. Disadvantages are low mechanical strength, soluble, solvent and acid and alkali resistance poor, called hard vulcanization, the cost is more expensive.

Fluororubber sealing ring: high temperature resistance up to 300℃, not afraid of acid and alkali, oil resistance is good in oil resistance rubber, excellent radiation resistance and high vacuum resistance; Is a comprehensive performance of special synthetic rubber. Disadvantages are poor workability, high cost, poor cold resistance, low elasticity and permeability.

1. The sealing ring should have good sealing performance within the working pressure and certain temperature range, and can automatically improve the sealing performance with the increase of pressure.

2. The friction between the sealing ring device and the moving parts should be small and the friction coefficient should be stable.

3. Sealing ring has strong corrosion resistance, not easy to aging, long working life, good wear resistance, and can be automatically compensated to some extent after wear.

4. Simple structure, easy to use and maintain, so that the sealing ring has a longer life.

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