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Nitrile rubber seals

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Nitrile rubber seals

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Nitrile rubber seal manufacturers

Many people know that NBR nitrile rubber seal ring is the main characteristics of oil resistance, wear resistance, that there are no other performance characteristics? Next, dongshengdi seal will introduce the characteristics of nitrile butadiene rubber seal ring.

1, nitrile butadiene rubber seal ring resistance to gasoline and aliphatic hydrocarbon oil performance is particularly good, good heat resistance, excellent deformation resistance and air tightness, wear resistance and water resistance are good, strong adhesion;

2. Ozone resistance is worse than neoprene;

3. Rubber is endowed with better physical and mechanical properties and wear resistance through reinforcement;

4. When the content of acrylonitrile is 39%, the air tightness of NBR is similar to that of IIR butyl rubber, and the air tightness is better.

5. Low temperature flexibility is general;

6. Excellent anti-static performance;

7. Good plasticizing effect with polar lipids;

8. Good compatibility with polar substances, such as PVC, acid resin and nylon;

Of course, each rubber material has its advantages and disadvantages, nitrile rubber sealing ring disadvantages are poor ozone resistance, strength and elasticity is more general, poor acid resistance, electrical insulation, poor polar solvent resistance performance.

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